Jul 12, 2013

Get to know another European Volunteer: Branislav Stankovic

Olá mundo,  

I am Branislav Stankovic , 25 years old  and i am coming from Serbia. My home town is Nis , but while i am not EVS volunteer, i  am living in Novi Sad  where i am studing phytomedicine.

All my life i am Red Cross volunteer. In Red Cross of Serbia i meet a lot of friends and i had very (very very) good time. Here , i am doing the same. From that point of view you should realizthat i am feeling like at home right now.

I am really happy about my EVS life. Juventude Cruz Vermalha Braga´s EVS project “Volunteers4Humanity” is sublimation of everything what i was doing in Red Cross youth.

I have different tasks . In common for them is that i am contributing existing project of JCV and trying toaccomplish some of my ideas for projects.

Maybe i am not going to change the world but i will try hard. So join our team and help me in attempt.

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