May 27, 2011

+ HEALTH –RISKS receives media coverage

The intervention of the Red Cross Youth with the delegation in Braga at the Enterro da Gata had a media coverage that was very satisfying! It is the recognition of hard work that has been prepared steadily throughout the last few weeks.
Here are two articles. Thanks to all the partners for making this possible.

 in Correio do Minho, 13th of May, 2011


                                                                                   in Jornal de Notícias, 13th of May, 2011

May 24, 2011

The Red Cross Youth reflections ... Human Rights and the Environment: what are the perspectives?

   The existence of human life and all the living things depends on a healthy and balanced environment in which they can interact, ensuring the quality of life and continuation of the species. However, ensuring the environmental sustainability through the harmony of coexistence between humans and nature is becoming an issue. The preservation of the environment cannot be treated by the environmental groups separately, but by the entire population, since it is a global problem. 
  In this sense the growing relationship between environmental protection and human rights anticipates the existence of a new law that allows a man to live in harmony with nature. Moreover, the existence of the right to a healthy environment rather than a theoretical foundation is an opportunity to review the concepts related to human rights, international cooperation among nations and the need to achieve a global consensus on environmental issues in reference to the quality of Man's life. 
  There is great hope connected to the Conference of the United Nations Rio +20, scheduled for 2012, which should review the progress achieved by countries on economic growth, development and environmental protection, as well as reaffirm the political commitment of States within the Environmental Law and establish new commitments that will certainly be needed. 

   Although, it is a complicated subject, we are convinced that the struggle for Human Rights requires a constant effort to observe and interpret the contemporary requirements, emerging issues and new threats. Now, the crucial issue for the survival of the human beings and ensuring an appropriate existence for the present and future generations, is to assure the quality of soil, protection of fauna and flora, water, preservation of ecosystems, landscapes and climate. 

Alina Carvalho 
From the Master´s Thesis on the Human Rights 

Workshop "Human Rights: a multicultural approach"

Dear International student,

MEET, a Braga's Red Cross project, invites you to participate in a workshop next tuesday, 17th May.

It will happen at the Library Lúcio Craveiro da Silva (Rua de S.
Paulo, nº 1), from 6:00h pm to 8:00h pm and the main point is to have different cultures talking about an importante and current issue:

Workshop "Human Rights: a multicultural approach."

"Multiculturalism is considered one of the basic markers of modern society.  Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual human's beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual's own culture.

Can human rights have an universal sense or are culturally relative?"

Note: The participation is free and you will have the right to a certificate in the end.

Please send us an e-mail confirming your presence.

For more informations go to our facebook page (Projecto MEET)



May 18, 2011


Susana Oliveira is leaving for Palencia, Spain where she is going to spend the next five months participating in the European Voluntary Service. Her sending organization is Red Cross Youth in Braga. We congratulate Susana on her opportunity and at the same time wish her luck. The following text is written by Susana. It is the experience viewed through her eyes ... Susana, stay strong and keep us updated!

Although it is difficult to describe the whirlwind of emotions I feel, I will try to explain what goes on inside of my head right now, 4 or 5 days before starting the adventure of my life (or the first of many!).

The anxiety begins to take over ... so I'm going to leave? Where was my head when I made this decision? What if I can´t do it? What about the language? What if I won´t be able to integrate?

What seemed to be a distant project is taking shape so fast it seems unreal! Organizing the trip, saying goodbye to family and friends, packing (fit all my stuff in only one suitcase? Who knows how to do this please contact me!).
I think when I arrive in Palencia it will all finally hit me! But, as João Miguel  kept saying (tireless) "let yourself go. " And that is exactly what I am doing…letting myself go…The truth is that the adventure began long before the project itself started!
In a few months I will count up my adventures! Until then wish me luck! Hasta!
Despite all these concerns, I feel safe and excited knowing that I will be realizing my dreams of contributing to a greater cause and giving a little bit of myself to those who need it the most. This will also be a good career opportunity and an undoubtedly extraordinary experience of personal discovery. Thinking about that calms me down.

May 17, 2011


Last Saturday, April 9th, took place a very healthy activity, during which the kids of the Santa Tecla neighborhood played a game called “Healthy eating”. The purpose of this game is to teach good eating habits. The kids were divided into 4 groups: yellow, green, blue and white. Each group had a human pawn to move on the board, while the rest of the group would answer the questions that were posed, in this case, by a volunteer.
The game was very interesting and useful for everyone, not only for the kids but also for the volunteers, whom at times weren’t familiar with the eating habits. Even though the questions were very easy, sometimes it was difficult to answer them.
The activity was held outdoors, this time at the ring near the headquarters of the Red Cross Youth. Since it was a beautiful day it would’ve been a shame to keep the kids in a closed room.
It was a very delightful Saturday!

May 13, 2011


You can see all the photos on:  "" 
"The section on adapted sports and recreational activities, service Pedagogical Portuguese Red Cross Delegation of Braga and the Community Center Prado conducted an awareness campaign and demonstration on adapted sports (Boccia in particular). On the 14th and 15th of April, many children and young people in Prado (Prado Escola EB 23) and Braga (Goladas Pavilion) had the opportunity to learn about boccia and our warriors from Minho.

Domingos Vieira, Eunice Raimundo, Mário Peixoto and José Carlos Macedo were the hosts of this action, explaining the rules of the sport, sharing their experiences, the individual reality of their disabilities and ways in which they deal with their their daily routines and sporting activity.“

"The children and youngsters practiced the sports under the watchful eye and directions of our athletes.
In the end, there was time for questions, since the young people wanted to know more details on the personal lives of the athletes, their sport results, experiences, limitations and ways to overcome them.

"No doubt that after encountering new experiences on this day the kids developed and matured ... going home mentally richer. Congratulations to the Portuguese Red Cross, the organizers and volunteers for the initiative of the Sports Easter Holidays 2011 with Boccia in particular ."

May 10, 2011

After Mystic River…

The MEET team (Red Cross Youth from Braga) has reasons to be happy, after the success of one of its most ambitious projects - the trip along the Douro River, Mystic River, that took place on April 9th, 2011.

The trip gathered, in a spontaneous interaction, a diverse group of national as well as international students and researchers from countries like Poland, Russia, Brazil, Senegal, China, Holland, Romania and Peru.
The group enjoyed an intense discovery of the Portuguese culture, from the Ribeira, next to the River Douro, one of the oldest and most typical areas of Porto, which is also a part of the Historic Centre of this city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Here, our participants could witness the importance that the trade of Porto wine (one of the oldest and most appreciated wines in the world) had and still has, such as the rabelos, the boats that did the transport of this wine by the river, and the wine storage cellars along the margin of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Our cruise up the river towards Régua city, an important area of production and trade of the Porto wine, was exciting for many reasons - the beautiful landscape of the vineyards and terraces shaped by human activity, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the experience of passing through the Crestuma and Carrapatelo dams.

During the cruise, which led us through Douro, our participants also had the opportunity to enjoy the Portuguese cuisine as well as the regional wine.

Upon reaching Régua, we were greeted with the cries of typical sellers of the traditional sweets of the region.

After visiting this little city, we came back to Porto by a tourist train, enjoying the green landscape blending with the golden sunset.
In the end, we were left with the certainty that not only the Portuguese culture was presented, but all the cultures of the participants in this journey. This trip served not only to integrate the international participants in our culture, but also to promote respect for multiculturalism and unite all!
                                                                                                                         Ivone Coelho


May 7, 2011

Recruitment of the volunteers

Are you dynamic? Do you like working outdoors?

If yes, then join us…

Red Cross Youth is forming a team of volunteers for the Summer Project.

The primary purpose of this Project is to alert children and young people to the risks they face while an excessive sun exposure during the summer season. The volunteer has a preventive role and carries out his tasks through dynamic, fun yet educational games for children from 6 to 8 years old.

The Project has a major importance in July, therefore it is crucial that the volunteers are available in May in order to participate in the initial training before the implementation of the Project.

In case you are interested or you have any doubts, please don´t hesitate to contact us.