Jan 27, 2014

I am running with JCV

          On the 8th of december I had a great opportunity to participate in a half marathon in Lisbon.
 The name of the race was Discovery Half Marathon and for me it was very special since it was my first half marathon here in Portugal. My friends Sztojka Monika and Branislav Stankovic had a great idea to ask Juventude Cruz Vermelha to support me to run the competition. Our friend, Pietro designed a very nice t-shirt saying that : ,, Eu corro com Juventude de Braga” For me it was an honour to wear and under the race, it made me even more motivated to do my best and run as fast as I can. I was lucky because I had good friends coming along with me and some of them were professional for a long time too.
        To be honest, even this competition seemed easy by first looking at it, the last 2 kilometers were one of the hardest of all for me since my knees hurt very bad. All in all I still can say that I enjoyed every moment of it and want to say thank you for the Cruz Vermelha too to support me and to give me a chance to run my first race here with them. I won’t stop doing running so there are many other races ahead of me so I am looking forward to all of them. 
Sari Hajdu

Sari Hajdu