Mar 11, 2017

JCV Braga now has its very own Instagram!

If you weren’t already aware, JCV Braga now has its very own Instagram account! If you have Instagram and haven’t already done so, please give it a follow and help spread the work that we carry out here. The username for the account is jcv_braga.

Why are we doing this? Well it is another tool that we can use to disseminate the work undertaken at JCV, spreading our message and demonstrating the value of humanitarian work. It will also be another way to further connect with our volunteers and partners, to show we value their support and participation in all the activities we implement. Furthermore, we also hope that demonstrating our work on such a widely used social media platform will also allow people to come into contact with our work who haven’t done so before, and may even provide them with the motivation to join us as a volunteer!

The aim of the Instagram account is to show JCV Braga ‘in action’, providing regular updates about what is happening as it happens. Not only that, we will utilise this tool to spread important messages about our work, facilitating a greater understanding of what it is JCV Braga does as well as the wider work of the Red Cross. We hope everyone who encounters our account will learn something new, even if you have been volunteering with us for many years!

We have a whole heap of ideas regarding how to implement this new tool and to present our outstanding organisation by showing the amazing work it does and the opportunities it provides. For example, we plan on introducing all the projects that we are currently implementing as well as featuring some of our volunteers so that they can present first-hand the value and worthwhile experience it is to participate in implementing the work of JCV Braga. Not only this, we will use the account to present new possibilities, in particular those related to the project ‘JCV in Action’ and the many international opportunities it provides to young people. However, the account is still at a very early stage of its growth and we are still exploring all possibilities regarding its use so if you have, or ever have any ideas about what we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us; your collaboration with this will be gratefully welcomed.

In the three weeks during which we have already had the account, we have already shared a lot, some of which I will include in this article. We began by participating in the campaign ‘We are #NotaTarget’ in support to the members of the Red Cross who were killed in Syria and Afghanistant recently. It has also included pictures of a recent Youth Exchange to Poland as well as images from our #equê?! campaign and Ponto Vermelho.

As I said, I will show some of the images here but the best thing really for you to do would be to check out the page itself in order to get a feel for what we are trying to do. It really is a great tool for us to have and the more of you who are able to interact with it the better and the greater the impact it will have!

If you don’t have Instagram, don’t worry, you can still check out the page here: