Sep 9, 2013

FARE Action Weeks 2013

Please give a short description of the planned activity
  1. Footballs match (stadium or local school) with Roma team and team from other nongovernmental organization. Teams will have t-shirts with our logo type “Braga futebol  contra discriminação (Braga football against discrimination)” and our banner with the same message will be put on the wall or tribunes during the match. The banner will be accompanied with posters of FARE. Captain of each team will have marker on their arms with “Football UNITES” inscription, the same markers will wear referee of the game.  During the presentation of the teams cheerleaders will keep the banner, which later will be put on the wall or tribune. Before the start captains will read antiracist appeal which was read by the captains during EURO 2012.  
  2. Cheerleaders – Roma girls will prepare fan choreography with antidiscrimination slogans which they will dance during the interval.
  3. Art workshop – other children will have art workshop during which will talk about racism, discrimination and tolerance and their links with the football. After it they will prepare thematic paintings connected with football and tolerance. Their works, along with FARE and Never Again Association materials,  will be collected and collocated in our organization side and also  in art gallery on the entrance of the school/stadium
  4. Videos – during the workshops and trainings we will make small videos with children talking about football and discrimination, what, according to them, is important in football, during the game, how people (players, fan, referees) should act. In the introduction we, as a Red cross Youth will explain why we wanted to organize FARE Action Week
Describe the aims and target group(s) of your activity
Our target group are children 6-15 years old from Roma community and kids from Red Cross Youth which participate in Geração Tecla program and participants from different ngo or school. Roma community is the most discriminated group in Portugal and for that reason we choose them as our target group. Geração Tecla program is program of social inclusion for ethnic minorities and children from families with difficulties, especially economic problems.   The aim of our activities is to make this two group interact with other part of society, in this case represented by children from different ngo or school. By  the football we want to show them that our nationality, skin color or economic status do not matter, that as well on the football pitch as well in world out of stadium we all are equal. We want to teach them that in football, as well in our life, there is no space for discrimination and intolerance – it is place for respect, fairplay, cooperation, positive emotions, where the most important fact is how you play, not who you are. By the art activities we want to provide children with basic knowledge about discrimination and stereotypes. Art gallery will present Braga society our work and will be another tool to spread antidiscrimination message and its impact would be at least viewers´ reflection about their tolerance and point of view on other cultures.  
Who are your partners for this activity?
NEVER AGAIN ASSOCIATION – provide us with necessary information, materials (FARE leaflets in Portuguese, their materials about racism in Europe)
SC BRAGA – will let us play one match on their stadium, distribute awards or come to talk with children (we are waiting for confirmation)
São João  – other team
Who will you involve in organizing and running your activities? How many people will be involved?
Red Cross Youth volunteers (10)
Referee (1)
2 teams + couch (2 x 11 players + 1 couch)
1 team of cheerleaders (5 girls)
How will you generate publicity for your activity (media, social media, photographer etc.)?
Facebook (JCV, Santa Tecla)
Red Cross Youth Blog – articles, photos, videos
Red Cross Youth Page – articles, photos, videos
Journal of Minho - article
University of Minho – leaflets, posters
Photographer – volunteer specialized in photography
Give an overview of the costs of your activity and state what you would spend the grant on
Banner printing
T-shirts printing
Awards (sweets, taça)
Art materials
Cake of FARE