Jul 31, 2013

Chemistry Lab!

Today in Juventude!
Our kids had the pleasure to participate in a interesting and funny chemistry class hosted by two of our volunteers: Ana Machado and Ana Olival. Playing with safe reactions, they were able to learn in a more practical way why the color of a liquid changed when adding to it a neutral colored catalizer. How a balloon can inflate itself with the help of the carbon dioxide reaction inside a plastic bottle and many other entertaining lessons. Juventude is the perfect place for kids to enjoy their time and learn new wonderful things at the same time. Nothing better than leading them to a brighter future full of joy!

Jul 29, 2013

Meet Marta, EVS Volunteer from Poland

My name is Marta, I am a volunteer from the EVS program in Juventude Cruz Vermelha (JCV) in Braga from Feburary 2013. EVS is for me an opportunity to change my life and do something for me and others. In JCV I work with kids, especially having dance classes with them. In addition, I help JCV in logistic, organization and communication tasks. EVS is also an opportunity for me to improve my portuguese language and to live in foreign country. What I like the most in my EVS is that every day is different and every day brings a new challenge for me.

Jul 23, 2013

Get to know another European Volunteer: Monika Sztojka


My name is Monika Sztojka. I come from Gyula, Hungary. I’m study human management. I’m unemployed at home, but I’m work for a student NGO and leading it  as volunteer also. I organize international youth training courses, seminars, etc. and my main role in this the logistic and coordination tasks. And I also participate in the Youth in Action Programme’s training courses, seminars, etc. and now I’m volunteer in Juventude Cruz Vermalha Braga´s EVS project “Volunteers4Humanity”.
My main tasks now to write one training course about human rights and one youth exchange about cooking with other volunteers in YIA. Besides this I helping in the summer activites for kids also.
I have more ideas for JCV. I try to implement it in my project time.

Monika Sztojka

Jul 12, 2013

Get to know another European Volunteer: Branislav Stankovic

Olรก mundo,  

I am Branislav Stankovic , 25 years old  and i am coming from Serbia. My home town is Nis , but while i am not EVS volunteer, i  am living in Novi Sad  where i am studing phytomedicine.

All my life i am Red Cross volunteer. In Red Cross of Serbia i meet a lot of friends and i had very (very very) good time. Here , i am doing the same. From that point of view you should realizthat i am feeling like at home right now.

I am really happy about my EVS life. Juventude Cruz Vermalha Braga´s EVS project “Volunteers4Humanity” is sublimation of everything what i was doing in Red Cross youth.

I have different tasks . In common for them is that i am contributing existing project of JCV and trying toaccomplish some of my ideas for projects.

Maybe i am not going to change the world but i will try hard. So join our team and help me in attempt.

Jul 9, 2013

European Volunteer Service in Braga, Pietro

Hi, my name is Pietro, I'm an Italian 22 years old boy who is currently enjoying his EVS in Braga, Portugal.
In Italy, I live in a city called Vicenza, quite close to Venice, probably one of the most famous cities in Italy.. I guess..
I like visual arts in general, that's why I'm in deep love with photography, graphic design, illustration, animation and video production/editing. These subjects combined are my strong suit, subjects which actualize as my main contribution to the organization that i work for: Juventude Cruz Vermelha. I'm very proud of my org, it's dynamic and young. It offers great opportunities and as EVS i have a lot of time to develop personal projects. So, hope to see you around people, nothing better than seeing our group getting bigger and bigger!