Oct 29, 2013

50 days of summer

Now, when rains had started, we are recollecting memories about summer. If rainy days makes you happy, feel free to come to Braga.

In next few posts , Volunteers 4 humanity will write what made their summer unforgettable. To understand everything it is desirable at least to see thing clearly. So , let´s start from beginning.

Let me present Natalia Martins, Tania Gomes and Vanessa Matos. The real super heroines of modern time and coordinator, technician and dinamizator in the Geraçao Tecla project.

When you hear Portuguese summer, you can imagine a great beach, a greater sun and scenes from postcards or tv commercials.

Mentioned girls, had worked during all year , not to enjoy in charms of summer holidays, to provide summer activities for kids in the Geração Tecla project. Volunteers had learnt from them that if you want to motivate someone you need to be motivated. If you expect from someone to put more energy in work , you need to glow energy.

That makes them super heroines.

Geração Tecla is one nacional project dedicated for kids from ethnic groups. Conceived in manner of showing right values, helping in studying and social inclusion. JCV gave initial capsule in 2007, with project “colorir o sabado” . Effort had been recognized, and project had grow up to national level with support of lot of partners and supervision of council of ministers. Right now , Geração Tecla project lives third reemission and is untitled like Geracao Tecla 5g.

The project Geração Tecla came under the Programa Escolhas, in order to work in a more effective social inclusion of children and young people most vulnerable residents in the neighborhood of Santa Tecla Social, promoting inclusive education, the promotion of community and citizenship children and youth and vocational training and employability of youth and young adults of Roma.

During fifty days of summer activities, kids had opportunities to learn a lot about history, art, professional calls, healthy life, team work, equality and etc. And everything was planed and settled in very relaxing and safe environment for kids in terms of advantages of non formal education. Stay tuned and you will find out more about our activities.

P. S. First day after ending summer activities , those girls are started with making plans for “colorir o sabado” and styding support for kids, another two parts of Geração Tecla 5g.

Reason more to stay tuned.