Sep 9, 2012

When do you think to have time for doing your volunteering?!
It is used to be never a question for the volunteers from the Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa. Volunteering it is the way the volunteers give their hours of work to help people without expecting anything in return and in Braga we can see a large number of young people doing that.
I have to say some words about my volunteering here and to spread some information about the idea of a charity shop (or resale shop) where I have my volunteering. This is a charity shop and it calls Ponto Vermelho.
This shop was made mostly for people who are needy, people who can’t buy so far expensive clothes as it is in the shopping malls. Charity shops sell mainly goods donated by people. But in this shop we also can find some buyers that don’t want to spend a lot of money buying clothes. So here they can buy many things without spending a fortune.     
Imagine, www. says there are 323 charity shops across the Great Britain. I don’t know this statistics in Portugal but I think that they are important, especially for those that needy.
This social shop it is developed for those who live below the poverty line and for communities of people who have particular problems and social needs for example, like Roma people do.  I believe Roma people in Portugal and this will be my next message for this blog.
For now I say bye to you!
 By: Victoria Zaitseva