Aug 23, 2013

Sock Puppet Show

Meeting in the morning to set roles and write down a schedule for the puppet show. Kids look definitely excited by the idea, they are going to write the screenplay and create the puppets from socks.
Everything to show their parents (in a practical and funny way) what they did and  learned during this period of summer camp. Bane and Monika, with the fundamental help of Natalia and Vanessa, are the responsible for this activity.

Aug 12, 2013

Day Off

One sunny Thursday, by ``absence`` of our coordinator, for four of us was free day with booked train ticket for Porto. We couldn´t say no for this opPORTOunity.
So, day started in local supermarket. One day trip is not one day trip without sandwiches. Obviously, we had been enjoying this part because our train left station in front of our eyes.
Situation with runaway train forced us to spend one hour in cafe. WE really are not not used to drinking coffee and spending time in some cafe, so it was hard time for us.
After some time and lot of train stations, here we are in Porto. Lunch in park, walking around city trying not to look like tourists, glass of vine on quay near to bridge. We had seriously pleasant time.
It did not take much time to think what to do next. Supermarket once again and going to beach straight ahead. We didn't take anything for bad because water was too cold and it was too windy. Seagulls are great company for party. And after twenty minutes we got used to sand in our eyes and mouths, so everything was almost perfect. I said almost...We were still afraid of losing train for second time that day. Pietro wanted to stay more in Porto, but . . .

One more time , hour and half of more train stops than traveling and we were in Braga again. With smiles on our faces, with wet clothes, sand in bags ... It is only necessary to say thank you to our coordinator, again.