Aug 16, 2012

Starting our project at Juventude
Cruz Vermelha in Braga
Finally the 4 volunteers are together in Braga. We started our volunteer service some weeks ago: Fatih from Turkey, Manuel from Spain, Philipp and Victoria from Ukraine. So we are going to tell you the story of our volunteering and life experience in Braga. Every month you can find in this blog more information about our EVS experience.

In one activity of the project MAIS ATITUDE.

                                                                                             Walking in the city of Braga.


       Dinner after hard work in Prado.

Juventude da Cruz Vermelha is a local department of Red Cross and a main place where we do our volunteer service. Now it's important to tell you more about the places and projects with which we collaborate every single day. 

Two of us work in social shop “Ponto Vermelho”.
Ponto is aimed to provide people in need clothes and all necessary things for house. The money for clothes goes as a donation to support local projects of Red Cross. All the goods for sale the shop receive as a donation from people and companies. Obviously, everyday it is needed to maintain all the stock management, items management and client service in a shop. So, these are activities that 2 of us are involved in.

           Other two people of our team work in the Centro Comunit├írio of Prado.
Prado is a small village not far away from Braga.
Here we help to organize the leisure time of kids, mostly from gypsy families. The welfare of their families is not high and children need to spend time not on the street, but with their peers. 
The variety of activities is really wide: we do canoeing with children, play handball, football, and badminton or go camping to the forest.

By: Philipp Lytvynov