Jul 23, 2013

Get to know another European Volunteer: Monika Sztojka


My name is Monika Sztojka. I come from Gyula, Hungary. I’m study human management. I’m unemployed at home, but I’m work for a student NGO and leading it  as volunteer also. I organize international youth training courses, seminars, etc. and my main role in this the logistic and coordination tasks. And I also participate in the Youth in Action Programme’s training courses, seminars, etc. and now I’m volunteer in Juventude Cruz Vermalha Braga´s EVS project “Volunteers4Humanity”.
My main tasks now to write one training course about human rights and one youth exchange about cooking with other volunteers in YIA. Besides this I helping in the summer activites for kids also.
I have more ideas for JCV. I try to implement it in my project time.

Monika Sztojka