May 24, 2011

The Red Cross Youth reflections ... Human Rights and the Environment: what are the perspectives?

   The existence of human life and all the living things depends on a healthy and balanced environment in which they can interact, ensuring the quality of life and continuation of the species. However, ensuring the environmental sustainability through the harmony of coexistence between humans and nature is becoming an issue. The preservation of the environment cannot be treated by the environmental groups separately, but by the entire population, since it is a global problem. 
  In this sense the growing relationship between environmental protection and human rights anticipates the existence of a new law that allows a man to live in harmony with nature. Moreover, the existence of the right to a healthy environment rather than a theoretical foundation is an opportunity to review the concepts related to human rights, international cooperation among nations and the need to achieve a global consensus on environmental issues in reference to the quality of Man's life. 
  There is great hope connected to the Conference of the United Nations Rio +20, scheduled for 2012, which should review the progress achieved by countries on economic growth, development and environmental protection, as well as reaffirm the political commitment of States within the Environmental Law and establish new commitments that will certainly be needed. 

   Although, it is a complicated subject, we are convinced that the struggle for Human Rights requires a constant effort to observe and interpret the contemporary requirements, emerging issues and new threats. Now, the crucial issue for the survival of the human beings and ensuring an appropriate existence for the present and future generations, is to assure the quality of soil, protection of fauna and flora, water, preservation of ecosystems, landscapes and climate. 

Alina Carvalho 
From the Master´s Thesis on the Human Rights 

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