May 18, 2011


Susana Oliveira is leaving for Palencia, Spain where she is going to spend the next five months participating in the European Voluntary Service. Her sending organization is Red Cross Youth in Braga. We congratulate Susana on her opportunity and at the same time wish her luck. The following text is written by Susana. It is the experience viewed through her eyes ... Susana, stay strong and keep us updated!

Although it is difficult to describe the whirlwind of emotions I feel, I will try to explain what goes on inside of my head right now, 4 or 5 days before starting the adventure of my life (or the first of many!).

The anxiety begins to take over ... so I'm going to leave? Where was my head when I made this decision? What if I can´t do it? What about the language? What if I won´t be able to integrate?

What seemed to be a distant project is taking shape so fast it seems unreal! Organizing the trip, saying goodbye to family and friends, packing (fit all my stuff in only one suitcase? Who knows how to do this please contact me!).
I think when I arrive in Palencia it will all finally hit me! But, as João Miguel  kept saying (tireless) "let yourself go. " And that is exactly what I am doing…letting myself go…The truth is that the adventure began long before the project itself started!
In a few months I will count up my adventures! Until then wish me luck! Hasta!
Despite all these concerns, I feel safe and excited knowing that I will be realizing my dreams of contributing to a greater cause and giving a little bit of myself to those who need it the most. This will also be a good career opportunity and an undoubtedly extraordinary experience of personal discovery. Thinking about that calms me down.

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