Sep 1, 2015

Volunteering 4 Humanity (Part I)

This week I want to dedicate to an amazing project called Volunteering 4 Humanity (V4H), that had happened here in Braga almost a month ago and I had a pleasure to help make it real. Today, tomorrow and Thursday all the blogs will be about this project.

I was thinking how could I manage to describe the project in one blog and I decided to look at it from the other way and I hope you will like it!

Once upon a time an idea was born in the heads of three crazy people. In the beginning it was a small idea, but those crazy people decided to grow the idea till it becomes reality.

Idea is like a little plant that you need to take care of. First of all, you need to give a lot of water for it to grow. And these crazy people did exactly the same – they put the idea into words that they could share it with others and made the first step of growing it. 

However, as we all know water is not enough for a flower to grow. It needs sunshine, good dirt and some lovely touch. An idea is the same; it needed more people to work on it, some people to sponsor it and some to supervise it.  Here came the Juventude Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Delegação de Braga, Erasmus+ program and trainers from YOPA to the help.

When the plant grows enough you need to change the vase, because the roots are too big and the plant cannot fit in the same place anymore. The idea was also not fitting in the hands of only few people. The crazy people were not only crazy, but crazy smart. They decided to share this idea to the world and the best way to do it is including more people from other countries to the process of the growing idea that later the seeds could faster split all around the world. 4 people were invited from 8 different countries to be a part of the process.

And then it all started. All the masterminds from different countries with different qualities and sets of mind came all together the great city of Braga. They all came from different backgrounds and for a moment the idea, like that little flower, started being afraid, if it will work, but this feeling was just for a second.  After the first task they all did together it was already obvious that idea will grow and turn into the brightest flower of the year.

The team of masterminds was working really hard for 8 days. As real scientists trying to find a new flower type, they also had great supervisors who helped during all the process. The group was analyzing themselves – to find a way which quality is the best to use for the growth of the idea. Working in a team – sharing ideas, teaching each other new things. And finally, it happened, all the hard work, all the adventures, all the smiles and sad faces paid off, the IDEA became real.

The entire town was invited to see that new type of flower: the idea becoming reality. And it really happened. The idea was real now. All the participants were glad with their results; supervisors could not believe how great the results were and the town was amazed by what they saw.

It was a result of a team work, of people engaged to what they were doing and a result of some huge hearts. But it was not all. After those 8 days, all the scientists left Braga, but they didn’t left it like they came before. They left with new friends, new contacts and most important with new ideas.

Now our little idea is a huge flower giving seeds, that we can spread all around the world and make this idea not only one flower, but as a huge garden of shinny bright flowers, that makes you not only look at it, but also take some actions to make it last forever.

Once again I want to say, it was really great to see this flower growing and I think that the real growing process just started and in the end I also want to share the results of this amazing idea. (More videos next time!)

For more information about the project click here.

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