Sep 2, 2015

V4H (Part II) - Intercultural Night

Today I am going to continue with the Part II of Volunteering 4 Humanity. And as Wednesdays we talk about Juventude after action, let’s see how Juventude had fun during the intercultural night, while other members were working there.

So first of all, as all the international projects V4H also had and intercultural night where every country could present what they had. And believe me they had a lot. Starting from the traditional food and drinks, souvenirs and lovely stories about their countries some of them even presented their traditional dances!
In the beginning of the night everyone were running around trying to prepare their table as best as they could. Then of course sneak peaking to the other tables, that what kind of easy as it was one long table for all the countries to share. And finally, presenting what they have.

It was so great to hear about the differences or similarities of some countries. To taste all kinds of foods, I am still very happy about my stomach and how it handled all the food and of course the drinks. I think the food even tastes better when you hear a story behind it, so believe me no one left the party with an empty stomach!
What is more, after all the presentations and all the degustation the party was not over. It was the second night and we could already see how the group was as one; acting like lifelong friends. The music was on and the real party started. Some of the countries had their traditional music and the real performances began. I was mostly amazed by the Georgians who started their traditional dances and more than shocked us in a very pleasant way.

It was a great night for everyone. We traveled around 8 different countries without even leaving one room! All the smiles, all the happy faces, crazy dances and awful singing was something that l hope neither participants, Juventude or anyone else who were there will ever forget!


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