Sep 15, 2015

The Dream Team

My EVS is coming to an end so for this reason one of the last blogs (written by fabulous me) will be about the team I spent working with this all year!

João – the Boss (who hates to be called boss). He is one of those people who is more like a buddy than a scary boss. Sadly this year he had less time to be around us EVS, but I think for everyone who wanted he managed to find some time.

Cintia- the everything person. She is the coordinator of the JV in Action. Also she is a mentor, a friend, our coordinator and a boss for those who work with her on the projects. I think she is the first person us volunteers call for in any case.

Luís – the little guy, with a huge heart. He is a coordinator of the project +Atitude. Also one of the mentors, and has always a joke hidden in his small pocket. He also did EVS so feels close to us.

Vanda – the materials queen. She is also a coordinator of +Atitude. Another person who will welcome you with her arms wide open. What is more, she has anything you might need in the office.

Tiago – the silent mind. He is responsible for the national coordination of the Youth Departments. A little bit shy, and will not talk all the time like Luis, but has such a big Aura that anyone becomes a better person just by standing next to him!

Tânia – the hidden secretary. She is one of the coordinators of the project Geração Tecla, but also does all the paper work that everybody needs but has no idea how to make it happen.

Virgínia – the nice witch. She is the head of Geração Tecla. All the kids love her and are afraid at the same time and not only kids. Besides, she is great at gardening. Has a great husband, but I am not allowed to get more rides from Lisbon with him.

Vanessa – the gypsy queen. She is also a part of Geração Tecla. What is more, she is our bridge to the gypsy community. Will never speak with you in English, but always understands what you are saying to her.

Catia – the Library. She is one of the mentors and a part of JCV in action project. She always comes with cookies and supplied us with all the 7 Harry Potters besides the other books to practice on our Portuguese.

João Reis – the boss of Barhouse. However, he is not the boss of any bar, but he is the coordinator of coordinators. He is the boss of Barhouse, because you can always meet him there and of course it was the first bar he showed us in Braga.

Pedro – the wicked beard. He is the coordinator of Copos…Quem decide és Tu! He is the friendliest person you can find, with crazy ideas and always a helping hand. Participates in as many international projects as he can; and does it with all his heart.

Ana – the Saturday girl. She is the coordinator of Colorir o Sábado, that is why she is the Saturday girl. Also works with the marketing team and some other projects on the spot. In the beginning I thought her name was Hanna.

Sofia – the Pinterest girl. She is the coordinator of the Atelier Criativo and sometimes gets her inspiration in Pinterest. Also is responsible for healthy eating project and finds ways how to mix both projects with great results.

Ana Rita – Miss j’adore. She worked with us together in  JCV in action as the right and left hands of Cintia. And now she is doing her EVS in England what I am really happy about and also sad, because my last month is without the craziest little shining star.

There are way more people her in Juventude, but I wanted to mention the people I had an opportunity to work most with. I hope that one day, someone will write a blog about every little and big person who once have stepped through the doors of Juventude with full heart of willingness to volunteer. It is still a pleasure to work with all of them and I hope they will never lose their touch!

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