Sep 8, 2015

Atlantis XI

This year is really great for Juventude and I feel more than lucky to do my EVS during this period. So many things are waiting ahead and so many things have already happened. So once again let’s look in the past and see what more has happened during this year. Whole last week was dedicated to one international training course – Volunteering 4 Humanity. And the best part that it was not the only one international project this year!

Exactly the next day when Volunteering 4 Humanity ended another international project started. This project is called Atlantis Youth Camp and is the biggest Red Cross event for the Youth. This project is an annual project and this year was the 11th edition.

This project is just for Red Crosses and what is more, just for the Red Cross Youth departments from the Mediterranean Sea region. And this year Atlantis was organized by the Portuguese Red Cross in partnership with the Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean. And as you already probably understood the part of Red Cross was made by the Delegation of Braga.

And now a little bit more about the project. As I have already mentioned, Atlantis Youth Camp is for the youth of Red Cross National Societies. Around 60 young people came to Portugal from all the countries of the Mediterranean region. They all gathered to share their ideas, to learn more and widen horizons. As the theme of this camp was Youth Volunteering: Opportunities and Challenges of Making a Difference.

The camp took place in amazing city of GuimarĂ£es. What is right next to Braga and made it easier to do all the preparations. And of course it was an inspiring place for all the participants, not only to work in but also to stay. Whole week was full not only of different kind of seminars but also exploring the city where the Great Country of a Portugal was born!

I think Atlantis Youth Camp is a spectacular event. It combines lots of different cultures, nationalities and even religions. But at the same time, all the people with their different customs were working for the same goal and it makes you think that everything is possible!

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