Jul 16, 2015

Who we are?

Today I am going to talk about us – the EVS volunteers. I don’t want to make a profile of everyone. I was thinking that it would be nice to remember at least one thing what we did here and, of course, we are still not over with our journey and there are way more things that we did or still do.

Anna – a German girl, with an artist soul and mind with imagination.
One morning she decided that one meeting room is not nice enough so she took a marker to her hand and in few days a simple white wall was updated with an artistic picture of Henry Dunant.

Kim – a German guy with golden hands who can fix anything.
He has a lot of great ideas what to make with kids and he is very good in explaining how things work. These chairs are just one of the projects he developed with kids in the community center of Prado.

Marta – a Spanish girl who loves Mickey Mouse.
For this reason she choose a Mickey mouse as her muse to create a mask for the carnival as a prototype for kids to have more ideas for their own masks.

José - a Spanish guy with a great humor sense.
He works in Prado together with Kim, normally with adults, but this time he was trying to teach how to make a Spanish omelet to the youth.

George – a Romanian guy who is a master of graphic design.
One day he decided to leave the office for a while and made a presentation for kids about how the animation movies are made!

Giedre – a Lithuanian girl who is writing all the blogs.
One day I also decided that my imagination is being trapped while spending too much time in the office so I made some pillows to decorate the school.

So this is it, this is us. We are the lucky 6 volunteers who are here in Braga since October. We share the same house, most of us work in the same office and we are going to stay here for exactly 12 months!

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