Jul 15, 2015

Day J

The Day J is another amazing tradition of Juventude. It’s an event that takes place in the summer when some of the projects come to end, because they are concentrated on schools so it is normal that when schools are closed the project is not running on the fastest gear. 

So this Day J- Day of Juventude is the event of closing the year. After this, normally everyone starts to go on holidays and the office is becoming more and more quiet. It’s a great opportunity to gather around together before saying long or not so long goodbyes to each other.

Normally, the event takes place in the nature. Braga is a city that can provide you hundreds of places of nature – it is surrounded by the mountains from all the sides. This year the Day J happened last week and  took place in Bom Jesus, one of the main attraction points in the city and the best nature park around.

The event consisted of a lot of team building activities, because they are the best! Everyone had fun doing different tasks and supporting each other. The entire group was divided into teams and of course there is no better way to build a team than by challenging each other. Starting from walking on one pair of slides (in a group); to making a stretcher from scratch and carrying each other.

Another part of the day was picnic. Everyone had to bring something to eat and share with others. It is not that strange that everyone brought too much food, but I think it happens every time, when you are thinking not only about yourself but also about a friend who will sit next to you.

The afternoon was more active with a lesson of Zumba where everyone was able to pump the energy back after the fulling picnic. What is more, the weather was more than great, it was actually really hot for this reason a session of balloon fight to fresh up and another picnic to finish up the day.

The day ended everyone were tired, but as well really happy. It’s a good way to rush up to summer, but also remember who are important to you!

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