Nov 24, 2011

Let’s MEET at a Magusto party– tradition, chestnuts

On November 11th, at the Luz Natural restaurant , the Red Cross volunteers  who represent the project MEET along with many international students celebrated one of the oldest traditions in Portugal-o Magusto, a feast of the roasted chestnuts. At 7pm the participants entered the room and were handed cards with the objective of finding another person with the same card.

The celebration began with a brief welcome to all participants, a presentation of the Project MEET and dynamics enabling people to get to know one another. Each person using the previously given card had to find someone with the same one, learn as much information as possible about that person and afterwards present the new “friend” to the other participants.
After the integration part it was time for the meal - Caldo Verde and Bifano, the two traditional dishes served during Magusto. After the meal, six volunteers, presented a short play about the legend of St. Martin. There were, of course, linguistic misunderstandings and problems with synchronization, but thanks to a big deal of improvisation and a sense of humor, both the volunteers and the public were amused.

Finally, after the theater, the guests were served with what everyone was waiting for: the Jeropiga and roasted chestnuts. With music in the background, nuts in one hand and a cup of Jeropiga in the other, some people started a party on the dance floor while others were just talking. Meanwhile, the volunteers responsible for preparing a project-film "One Day on Earth" asked the guests to write on a sheet of paper one of their biggest dreams in their native language, in order to capture the dream in a picture.

In the end, the volunteers prepared a fashion show of Ponto Vermelho, the Red Cross shop, where anyone can buy good quality clothes-very often well-known brands, at a low price. The action was aimed at presenting the guests the idea and offer of  Ponto Vermelho. The show went really well and models received a standing ovations from the audience.

Photo by: Joana Lucas (a volunteer of MEET) 

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