Nov 23, 2011

Geraςão Tecla- learning through playing

Many scientists and philosophers have described education as a difficult process that takes time. But I believe that learning doesn’t have to be a boring process. The Red Cross Youth through the project Geraςão Tecla proves that learning can actually be fun. We take care of children and young people who want fun,  therefore we take this desire and combine it with learning. The project Geraςão Tecla involves working with children with school problems, lack of motivation and cases of school failure. At the headquarters of the Red Cross Youth, our volunteers work with the kids on the material that is more difficult for them. Mathematics, English, Portuguese - are some of the other “nightmares” they face.

Our volunteers come every day and are available for children, who begin to do their homework. Afterwards they provide explanations and individualized support in the subjects the kids find more problematic. Here the role of a volunteer is not solely based on school support, but rather on establishing a relationship of proximity and complicity with the children, motivating them  to study.

My job is to teach English, but I often help with history, geography or mathematics. This, on one hand, is a big challenge for me because of the language, however it is also a great opportunity to practice Portuguese. I find myself obliged to speak the language, without resorting to English. Children also have an important role - some days they are willing to work and learn new things, on other days they have no desire. This requires a great deal of creativity to motivate children to work, using dynamic strategies like games and pictures. One of my ideas is using characters from fairy tales to help learning new verbs, making puzzles of body parts, learning about the clothing and education through fashion shows. It is definitely hard work with the little “devils”, who are full of energy, but at the same time it gives great satisfaction when I see my students making progress.


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