Apr 19, 2011

Ponto Vermelho - Volunteer Experience

Taking the slogan “Good for the Good” at Ponto Vermelho, the Second hand shop of the Red Cross Youth in Braga, the separation work is essential to ensure the quality of the items we receive and sell.

The promotion of solidarity, peace and individual and collective training of our volunteers are the guiding lines for our actions.

Youth involvement in voluntary activities is crucial for our projects to continue, echoing the principals prevailing the Red Cross Youth movement. We’d like to introduce to you three of our youngest members, who volunteer at Ponto Vermelho, through reviews of their volunteering experiences.

Working at Ponto Vermelho has been an enriching experience. We are doing good things for others and ourselves. It’s worse being able to do something and not doing it than wanting to do something and not being able to, that’s why I recommend to everyone to arrange some time and come volunteer!
Mário Almeida
At Ponto Vermelho we are all working for one cause, the cause of helping and being better people. We are not learning to be egoists or hypocrites, but to understand how beneficial it is when all of us help. Helping is the most important word at the Red Cross: it’s the word we build on. Being a volunteer requires a strong will, a love for the cause we are working for. I advise you to sign up at the Red Cross. Be a better person!
We are not angels, but we are volunteers!
 Diogo Silvestre
Being a volunteer at Ponto Vermelho enriches our inner selfs, giving us the chance to understand the people in greatest need, and also the need they have for our help. In the time of crisis we are currently living in, you never know if someday we’ll be among the increasing number of poor people. To fight this problem, we need your help.
Act with your heart, act with humanity!
Gabriel Almeida

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