Apr 19, 2011

In one voice!

The third General Meeting of the Red Cross Youth volunteers with the branch in Braga turned out to be an intense time filled with idealism typical for youth itself. The participants didn´t want this to be another regular meeting, but rather a time to share different as well as common reflections.

The following text is a kind of a battle cry emerging after all the injustice towards the most vulnerable, and at the same time a statement of the will to fight against it.  

These are the words of the young Red Cross volunteers: ”In order to reach the primary objective of the Red Cross, it is necessary to set the strategies that assure an effective response. Part of these strategies is to preserve the continuity of the Movement by integrating the young people at the Red Cross.”
“Youth is the main resource in relation to the needs of young people based on the work of youth for youth.”

“As the largest humanitarian organization with presence and strength in the global context, it becomes necessary for us to include young people, who today represent 50% of the voluntary movement on several fronts, since they are the future leaders of the Movement. They will be the ones who will perpetuate the goal of alleviating human suffering and prevent it. However, in order to make the volunteers perform their action with the required quality a strategy is needed.”

“This is possible through two points of action: support of the official “bodies”, as well as older and more experienced professionals and volunteers, because this is the only way to get even more volunteers who would possibly be more professional and have more competences adequate to the principles of the Movement; moreover, in order to maintain high levels of motivation of the volunteer, it is necessary for them to be recognized, either by institutions or by the community.

“We have to: encourage the educational development, implement a leadership training program for the members and coordinators, seek opinions of the young people all over the world on policies and programs, propose work priorities and securing resources.”

“Such characteristics of the young people as creativity and idealism complement the maturity of the older people, therefore, the integration of both groups should be promoted.”

Nevertheless, “The young people maintain a kind of a privileged position in the matter of identifying the needs of Youth in general”.


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