Jul 11, 2016

Dia do Colaborador!

On 1st July, the Red Cross in Braga held its annual Dia do Colaborador - Day of the Contributor - a big party which celebrates all the work that everyone does here in the city. It was an evening of team-building, performances, fun, food and drink that was enjoyed by all.

We began with a couple of speeches and following this, with the Red Cross Headquarters a sea of red - everyone had been told to wear a red item of clothing - we undertook our first challenge, Human Bingo! In order to complete this you had to go round, finding people that fit the criteria, such as someone who wrote left handed or had been born in another country. One of these was also to find someone who had a beard for which I had to sign a lot of people's sheets. Unfortunately I didn't win but it was entertaining watching people get more and more agitated as they got closer to reaching bingo.

After this we were treated to a short but excellent performance by Carlotta along with our friend Nico whilst everyone enjoyed some snacks and a few drinks. Whilst Carlotta was performing it was great to think about all the different talents each of us four EVS volunteers has and all the different skills we bring together as a group. It was also wonderful to consider that all the people who were in attendance were all working selflessly to try and help improve the lives of others.

One really fun aspect of this was that all the different sections of the Red Cross received a challenge that they would have to perform later that day at the party. We all gathered excitedly to hear that we had to prepare a performance accompanying the song 'Bailando' by Enrique Iglesias. Here at Juventude we spent the afternoon practicing what I feel turned out to be an excellent performance. The women split into two groups and had a dance off while the men provided the accompanying backing music, complete with Luís on guitar. The performances took place after everyone had eaten and much to some people's dismay, I managed to capture ours on video so you can enjoy it again or for the first time below!

Following the conclusions of the performances there was not much left to do other than for everyone to have a laugh and dance the evening away. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and I feel the evening was a great success.

Unveiling the Challenge

Rehearsing for the Performance

Rehearsing for the Performance

Nico and Carlotta Performing

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