Aug 11, 2015

The week of Barraquinha

Last week was mentioned the great festivity of São João, but it is not just a festival, but also a fair. In Braga the whole city is already decorated more than one week before the festival of São João and it also has more nice things.  One of them, as already mentioned – is the fair of São João.

In one of the main streets of Braga you can find more than hundred small Barraquinhas – little stand that sell everything. Starting from cookies to shoes and anything you can imagine. The traditional music is playing almost all day long and every evening there are way more events in the city to prepare for the great festival of São João.
Ponto Vermelho also has its own Barraquinha in the fair. For this reason once again all the great people of all departments of Delegation of Braga unite and share their time also working in Barraquinha. All the resources are needed because the working hours of Barraquinha are from 10 in the morning until 11:30 in the night.
 It is nice and interesting experience. The easy part is that everything is sold for 1 Euro, for this reason anyone can work not worrying that they might forget the price of sell some things in the different prices, and also it is easy to count how many things you have already sold. Another reason why is it fun, is that you can work on your sale person skills. From trying to convince people to stop by your Barraquinha; to trying to convince them to buy more stuff.

I loved working there and trying to communicate with people. We had lovely customers and of course not so lovely. Some just wanted to chat and others were almost demanding to find them their size even if we tried to explain that we only have what they can see.  

Anyway, it was a new experience and I think it is a good from time to time to run away from your routine and be someone else for a change.

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