Jul 7, 2015

JCV in Action

JCV in Action is a project of International Cooperation working with ERASMUS+. We receive and send EVS volunteers, participate in European youth exchange, training courses and seminars – sending participants, organize training courses and assist our partners in their actions. We participate and organize various actions of Erasmus+ focusing on building our volunteers and professionals competences as well as providing valuable learning opportunities to youngsters of our community. We work hard to build a great network and find projects to join.

This is how it sounds officially. Well, it is true, every single word, but I also think that JCV in Action is way more

 Firstly is not a routine job. You cannot even plan your schedule as it can change like the wind and from nice breeze turn into a tropical storm. Normally, it is working on projects, but there are so many small details that I have never thought of and the worst thing is that those small details take a lot of time and without them the projects would not happen.

Despite that, it is very exciting job. You have to be very creative, good communicator, have good social skills (while reading other people) and also be very responsible and picky to all the details.

The creative part comes from promoting the youth exchanges that JCV in Actions organizes, to the ones they want to send participants to. From making a poster or a banner on the wall, posts in Facebook or other social sites to live presentations to volunteers for getting their attention.

Without good communication you will not have any partners. You have to know how to deal with people and how to ask for the things you need. Projects are partnerships between different organizations and you have to know how to make it happen.

Social skill of reading other people is a must for choosing participants for a one week training, youth exchange and, of course, EVS. It takes a talent to read the person during the Skype interview, because it is just a half an hour or something like that, and it is even too short to see though the first layers of masks that we put on, even in real life.

The responsibility is normally not only to your organization, but to all the partners as well. Sometimes we depend on other people and sometimes they depend on you, so it works both ways, and neither wants to disappoint or be disappointed.

And the most important thing is the details. While writing a project you cannot miss any detail. Because of one tiny thing the application can be not approved and this is not a solution. Everything has to be checked 5 times, all the counting and all the planning to make things happen.

That is why I love working in JCV in Action. It is never boring. It is extremely rewarding; it makes you feel that you are learning every day and improving all these things. You see how things work behind the curtain. It becomes easier to understand how lucky I am to be here and how grateful I have to be for all the people who worked on my EVS project and that my dream is now a reality!

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