Jul 9, 2015

Casual week of a EVS (Giedre)

Actually it is really hard to write how the week of volunteer looks like. The main fact is that volunteering is somewhere out of routine and you can never know what is going to happen. However, I will try to make at least some guide lines how it would look.

Down here you can see my week, and now I will try to explain in more details what is what. It's just my week and other volunteers have different schedules, so don't think that everyone does the same things!

School/             JCV in Action
Ponto Vermelho
Ponto Vermelho
JCV in Action
Ponto Vermelho

Portuguese classes
Atelear Creativo
Portuguese classes

So let’s start from the beginning. Monday is a really good day to start work. It can go slowly for you to get in the mood of work, so here is no pressure (normally). Usually I come to the office around 9:30-10:00. This is the time to find out what things are more important to work on and what things I can leave to be done for later during the week.

As I am a part of a project JCV in action, the work there is never like a routine. You never know what might come up and working with international projects is really fun. Like few months ago I would have spent my Mondays while reading CVs of people who want to be the next EVS and I have read more than 100 of CV and Motivation Letters. Believe me it takes a lot of time. So normally my Monday goes while working on the things of JCV in Action. After work on Mondays I have classes of Portuguese.

Tuesday stars with some kids’ action. I go to school for the long break of half an hour to play with them. After school, back to the office to think of, what we might want to do this evening in the Atelear Creativo. After lunch it’s Ponto Vermelho. There normally on Tuesdays we have to do the checking of the clothes that arrive with our lovely Carrinha and to pick witch ones will go to the shop and which ones will go to the famous Lixo (trash)– it’s basically the only word you need to understand in Ponto. After Ponto we have some time for quick food and after there is Ateliar Creativo. There we normally do some crafts with kids.

Wednesday morning is also either going to school (a different one) or staying in the office and helping with JCV in action things. Afternoon is all for the JCV in Action work where we work on international projects, EVS and everything that is connected with Erasmus+ or other possible programs. After Office there is another Portuguese class and half of the week is done.

Thursday morning is for school or writing this lovely blog, or working on Facebook page of Ponto Vermelho. In the afternoon is again Ponto. There on Thursdays we normally get the Carrinha again and we are till our necks with bags of things to check.

Friday morning is again in Ponto, but on Fridays we arrange the shop and make it look nicely, as well we think of some ideas to improve the appearance of the shop and ways how to make it more appealing.

Friday afternoons I have free, but it was not all the time like this.

The schedule of the Portuguese classes changed, and there was a period between the courses (we are lucky and we got 2 semesters of Portuguese classes in the university of Minho), when we had more work in the office. As well in the summer there will be no school and there will be more projects to occupy kids, so the schedule will change again.

For now, my schedule is like this, with some tiny changes that appear during some unplanned events.