Jun 22, 2015


Welcome to the new and fresh BLOG of Juventude!

My name is Giedrė and I am an EVS volunteer in Juventude Cruz Vermelha Portugesa. From now on till the end of my voluntary service (or maybe longer) I am going to try to take care of this blog.

Firstly, with the New Year we want to bring some new changes!

The blog is going to have three different columns to separate different things and different prospects of Juventude.
  • v  Juventude in action – everything related to all the work Juventude does; all the projects we managed to participate in and all the actions it carries.
  • v  EVS corner – everything related to EVS; our experiences and other useful information.
  • v  Juventude after action – everything we do in the free time, to bring more colors to our lives.
  • Hope you will enjoy it and let’s go read some blogs!