Dec 10, 2013

Colorir as ferias - grand finale

       Our summer activities, in all of glory, has finished with socks theatre play. We worked with kids on play about two weeks. And kids had been our managers, producers, directors , screenwriters and actors. Kids imagination can achieve everything. Because of that, contributors in our little show were Justin Bieber, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan ..
      And story- line, with which they came out , completely thrilled us. During "Porto one day trip", kids had found a dog. They gave him name - Henry, because he had "moustache" looked a like Henry Dunant´s. When they arrived in Braga, Henry , somehow , ran away. Kids and volunteers were decided to find him. They started asking people did they saw Henry. In they seeking adventure they had  met  Sun fairy on Bom Jesus,  Justin Bieber on swimming pool ,Jackie Chan in school playground. Jackie sent us to Camara Municipal to ask Ana and Christina , girl who teach kids to make tiles , but they were on Roman thermal spring. Story is going on … Guard of Roman thermal spring, ancient Roman soldier had sent kids to “Museum do Biscinos” where which is living with all captured pets .
       Evil witch in , all her evilness , has one weakness. She falls asleep when it's snowing. Thanks to kid imagination, we had snow in Braga during summer. Recipe is to close your eyes and wish snow really hard.  For us was reall one, not made out from the styrofoam. Witch felt asleep, Henry escaped and his footprints showed us where he went. He went to Prado. But in Prado, he met Miguel first aid teacher and volunteer,  and not just him. Jean Claude Van Damme is firefighter, and with his truck we came back to Braga…  Are you following the story? Kid imagination, free afternoon and a bit of sun…. Imagine all of effort to make sock puppet for each character same like they imagine them. And menage to put in story everything what they liked the most from fifthy days of summer activities. And for all of us was easy like game.
There is not end of story.  Till end kids will meet Garfield on the cooking show  and once again Sun fairy. I will not say how story ends. You should see that…