Nov 11, 2013

Colorir as ferias June 2013

During month of june we had just two weeks of activities with kids. And they were very important for success of summer activities. Kids had met volunteers, we worked on dynamics of group and introduce them with everything planned.First activity was “Jogo Alimentacao Saud├ível”. Facilitators were JCV volunteers from health promotion project “Alimentacao Saud├ível” which is promoting healthy nutrition and healthy habits of living. Kids were involved in the game , through wich they learn a lot about nutrition, welfare of proper diet and food pyramid.

On dynamics of group we worked on workshops of balloon modeling, merengue dancing ,football tournament and during day of traditional games. Dynamics of group wasn't our only task. It was a little break after school for kids,a way to met each others for us to met them and to put very strict rules of respecting each other.

Kids, in visit of “ Museu dos Biscanhos” (and especially EVS volunteers ) , had opportunity to learn about history of Minho region , see how people in Braga lived in past and be delighted with beauty which walls of “museum of biscanhos” are hiding.

Seems like the kids had the most fun in visit of bombeiros de Braga. Firefighters was very hospitable. After introducing their call and converstion about tasks on their job, kids were sitting in firefighters truck,starting on sirene, took a lot of pictures and made even more questions. Braga should be calm,after seeing all of those smiles we had concluded that bomberios have worthy replacement.