Oct 6, 2011

Step by step I discover Portugal

Hello, everybody! My name is Kasia, or as it may be much easier for some of you, Katka. I am new volunteer at the Youth Red Cross in Braga, and last week I started my biggest experience of my life – EVS.
I come from Poland, from Warsaw, the capital city, to be precise, so for me it is not only matter of  cultural differences, but also different type of life you may notice between big and small city. I finished cross-cultural Relationships at Warsaw University so it is going to be a great chance to leave academic deliberation and use theory in practice.
         First impressions – fascination and admiration. Fascinations with everything that is new for me and admiration for architecture, colors and … calmness. The way people do everything with patience, without rush, simply taking pleasure from every moment. For person who has to always do everything fast, running from one place to another, it is really nice change. In fact, even now, I want to discover things  right here right now, see and experience as much and as  fast  as  possible. But as my supervisor says “Everything step by step, you have nine month”.

                So gradually, I discover Portugal trying to enjoy every moment of that and find beauty in small things. I hope you will help me go through this mix of joy and hard work, defend my fears and come up to my expectations. 

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