Oct 28, 2011

Entering a new year

New year, new projects, the same objectives, maximum of commitment. That was the re-entry of the Red Cross Youth in Braga.

In the overcrowded room, all volunteers enthusiastically welcomed the news that stressed the fact that this year is special: Braga is the European Capital of Youth and will be the best ever!

All coordinators presented their projects and each one asked for the volunteers to join. Also the "instruction’s manual" was presented- which I must say - was a very useful tool in the sense of acquainting the volunteers with all the actions undertaken ​​by the Red Cross Youth. In the end we did a little socializing with some snacks and Porto wine!

I left with the feeling that I'm very lucky to belong to this "home" and that this year we will go further and (no doubt) once again make a difference.

Susana Costa, volunteer

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