Oct 6, 2011


Last weekend,  3- 4th of September, the planning meeting of the Youth Red Cross of Braga for the academic year 2011/2012 took place.

In order to have a productive meeting as expected, the chosen site had to provide conditions that allowed the participants the maximum of concentration and tranquility. Therefore, the meeting took place at the Casa dos Bernardos, a traditional building located on a hill 10 km from the center of Terras de Bouro.

From the beginning there were five working sessions divided into topics, which cover the general structure of JCV: 1. Areas of Intervention; 2. Thematic Areas;  3. Strategic Sustainability Plan;  4. Calendar and Organisation; 5. Clear definition of the items.

As an introduction we released three key phrases that should beat the present ones, including a highlight: "All that is worth being done, deserves and needs to be done." Thus, the key word for everything we say and do is defined as quality.

Although the first work session  lasted longer than anticipated it was possible to discuss all programmed points in a democratic way. With all the coordinators of the projects of the Youth Red Cross delegation of Braga, in the academic year 2011/2012, we made a current status of all existing projects, stated opinions about them, suggested improvements and pointed obstacles,  voted new projects and new coordinators, outlined a strategic plan for sustainability, pointed out some reference dates and defined all the general functioning of JCV.

Therefore, in the crucial moment for the perpetuation of the institution, we have taken some important decisions for the overall management and maintenance of JCV-Braga, including the ones in respect of the school year, which should be present as an expression of order, as both the coordinators and the volunteers believe in  the value of their work: sustainability, commitment and dedication.
PS: the period to recruit volunteers for projects in 2011/2012 is officially open . For this, those who are interested  should contact the management of volunteering at the following e-mail: @ dbraga.voluntariado cruzvermelha.org.pt or go directly to the premises of the Youth Red Cross, at Rua Dr. Francisco Machado Owen, No. 150.

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