Jun 30, 2011

“Fools open the doors…the wise men follow them”

                                              “Fools open the doors…the wise men follow them”
                                                                                             In Red on the Cross

It seems like yesterday ... we were all sitting on the terrace of Colinatrume where the idea for MEET was born...we have come a long way: the intense weeks of project design, the stress of the first activities, the despair of knowing the number of participants in each activity were fights that I had the pleasure to follow closely ...yes PLEASURE, as witnessing the victory in each of those fights was very motivating for MEET.

The last activity of MEET (hopefully only this school year…) proved once again the professionalism, dedication and love for the cause that this group of volunteers have for their project. The end of the year dinner took place in Espaco 12, and apart from the usual attendance of the students under mobility programs, to whom this project is dedicated entirely, was also attended by several colleagues from other volunteer projects JCV, as well as our esteemed Coordinator David Rodrigues and the representation of the Academic Association of the University of Minho in the person of my dear colleague Carlos Videira. They could all witness the hard, yet rewarding work, done over the year and realize the relevance of this project in the academic and social context in which we operate.

The night was full of surprises and didn’t lack the world-renowned group dynamics, good conversations and  culture sharing as magical as the activities accustomed to MEET. All this, combined with the typically Portuguese flavors and lively evening that followed at the disco -Sardinha Biba, did not make this last activity the best, because it would devaluate the others, but as perfect as those that took place throughout the year.

What is left is for me, is to congratulate for all this and much more  to the remarkable team of MEET: Alina, the coordinator of the project, Sarah, Birgit, Ivone, Admeier, Élio, Chisoka and of course the coordinator of the mission area, Joao, who were wise enough to follow the crazy window opened that summer night!

Bring on many more windows equal to the MEET!
Kisses and Hugs for all ...
                                                                                            Cristiana Garcia


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