Mar 11, 2011

MEET on the day of welcoming the new Erasmus students

    Yesterday was a very important day for the project MEET. For the first time since it was established in September, 2010, MEET, invited by the GRI, had the opportunity to present itself on the day of welcoming the new Erasmus students. It was a pretty busy day for the new international students who arrived to study at the University of Minho. In the morning they attended different presentations by institutional entities as well as the MEET and AAUM presentations. During the afternoon they had the chance to participate in the academic peddy-paper.
    The Project MEET was presented simultaneously in English and Portuguese by Alina Carvalho, the coordinator of the Project, as well as João Gomes, responsible for the international cooperation of the Red Cross Youth in Braga. Other participants on the Red Cross Youth side were Chisoka, Admeier and Birgit, who helped with the activities and interaction with the Erasmus students.
    MEET´s participation on the day of welcoming the Erasmus students was important, especially when facing the following facts:
In the second semester arrived 190 students representing 62 countries, in the first semester there were 500 international students. Summing up, the university accepts 700 international students per year.
   Our today´s activity, the peddy-paper at the center of Braga was received very enthusiastically with over 50 people signing up. Surprisingly, even more people signed up (70!) to our next activity-the traditional Portuguese dinner, that will take place on the 2nd of March. Therefore, we will continue the process of cultural integration in the academic context of Braga.

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